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25 or so. i am emotionally distant, and i think i might have a budding egg allergy but i can't be too sure. four years ago i damaged my front bumper and for some reason people who have seen it 100x still ask me "whoa what happened to your car" as if it just happened. i guess because they can't believe i still haven't gotten it fixed. i always say "no it's the same"
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hey i finally have all my boots organized, and my tori amos bootleg tumblr is now up and running. in getting them all put together, i realized i have somewhere around 400+ complete concerts (i think i might have a digital hoarding problem), and lots of radio appearances and the like, so there’s going to be plenty of material to post for quite a while. and if you have a show memory and i have it, i’d love to play it and share it.

so if this is your thing (or knowing my followers, more likely, if you know somebody whose thing this is), follow or let somebody know at (which autocorrect keeps changing to radiator)

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